We’re doing this thang.

Branding. digital marketing. event planning. strategy.

Hey, gang! I’m excited to work with you in two ways: you can opt for one-on-one consultations, group coaching sessions, or courses so that you can D-I-Y your branding and communication planning. Orrr I can bring your vision to life while you chill and sip some wine. 💁🏾‍♀️🍷 

select from the services below and let’s go.



need some clarity on whether the d-i-y or full service route is for you ? let’s discuss.


You’ve got the vision, you just need a creative genie to grant your wishes. look, you’ve got more than three: 

Squarespace Website Design
Logo Design + Brand Identity 
Marketing Collateral Design
workshop + Event branding

Coaching + Strategy

Let’s collab! I’m available for one-on-one consultations and group coaching sessions. Here are the things we can strategize:

Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships
Press & Media Relations
Freelance lifestyle
Event Planning
Social Media marketing
Email marketing
Content marketing
Event Marketing
Building a Community

Courses + Webinars

Live webinar! Tues, October 23 @7P: how to market your
business by hosting a networking event

DIY Public Relations: Craft Your Press Release

stay tuned, more courses coming soon!

digital marketing

You’ve created the service packages, launched the product, but have bigger fish to fry than marketing shit, i get it.
Here’s how I can help make your project successful:

Campaign building and execution
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Influencer Outreach

recent Clients

Startup atlanta (web and marketing collateral and email campaign design) | museum of modern perspective (email campaign design) | gowrkgrls (web design, email campaign design, event production, social media management) | wework (Lady founder’s brunch event partnership with ladypreneur league + gowrkgrls), dream warriors foundation (event production)
k bennett law (social media management).