My name is Porsha Thomas. I'm a business lady who advocates for ladies in business.


For you TL:DR folks, here's the short version: 

Wordsmith. Community builder and experience creator with a knack for marketing and brand identity. I love lifestyle brands, startups, and women-owned companies, helping businesses develop solid brand and marketing strategies, and throwing business networking events that are less lame, more chic.

For those who want the full story, picture it...Lubbock, TX, 1995...

From the time I could create, y'all, I was scheming. I started my graphic design career around age 10 because I lived for creating greeting cards and newsletters using Canon Print Shop. Our clunky printer never had enough ink (adult-apology to my family members who had actual work to do), but my creations were 👌🏾. I had plans to turn our garage into a coffee shop (I repeat, at age 10). I know l wasn't allowed to drink coffee yet, but the neighborhood kids needed a swanky place to hang, so I created a newsletter to announce the change – which I guess means that I was already on my way to PR maven status too, doesn't it? 🤔 Closer to 13, I discovered I had a knack for writing when I interviewed my mom during my coverage of the UPS Driver strike of the 90s, you guessed it, in the form of a newsletter designed for an AP English project.

High school was about creating a website to showcase my teen poetry, dressing well, and newspaper writing (did I mention I was moving to NYC because Sex and City?). In college – fashion writing and networking with women in business thanks to my internship at DailyCandy. Around 25, I took a fashion marketing gig and found out that cupcakes/champagne were staples of 2010 event planning, oh yes, and also that I sucked at freelancing (can someone say financial irresponsibility?). Then at 27, I suffered through what not to do in business with the failure of my online magazine.

Today, I'm a community builder and content producer specializing in ladypreneurship, brand identity, marketing, and events. My love of writing manifested itself in the form of a News-Editorial degree from the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas, and I'm the HBIC at #gowrkgrls (formerly known as Ladypreneur League). I made my way from the great state of Texas to Washington D.C. and now live amongst the trees in Atlanta, GA.  A few of my favorite "Hey, I did that!" career things: Partnering with Skillshare on this DIY Public Relations course and speaking on this panel during SXSW 2016.