Business Lady Who Advocates for Ladies
in Business.

I'm a creative strategist, professional shindig thrower, and content producer with an affinity for branding and digital marketing.
I love tech & lifestyle brands, good food & wine, workouts that aren’t cardio, and pretty much anything pink.

i’m on earth to help women founders devise paths towards business growth and profitability by developing
tailored, d-i-y strategies for their business branding, event planning and marketing.

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About me

i grew up knowing i’d write for a fashion magazine, so back in the 2000’s, i made it rain on a news-editorial degree. as it turns out, traditional magazines and newspapers did not plan on hiring me, so i took up freelance writing and got a part time gig as a marketing/shop girl at a nearby boutique. It didn’t take long before i realized that the only person i should work for was me.

 the best writer in 5th grade. Check the rhinestones on my collar, y’all – fashion. diva.

the best writer in 5th grade. Check the rhinestones on my collar, y’all – fashion. diva.

so that’s pretty much been my life for the last 11 years – freelance writing and designing, sometimes working for a company, but always chasing a “be my own boss” dream. i’ve spent most of my adult life in coffee shops in Dallas, atlanta, and washington, d.c. starting businesses, building websites, social media-ing, and designing brand identities. my knack for public relations and planning events bubbled up to the surface around 2013 during my #agencylife stint.

the only problem with me and my business building is that I’m better at being the creative director and marketing lady than say, the person in charge of making sure it operates. 🤷🏾‍♀️ unfortunately it took like, eight years for me to figure that out, and that opened the door for some grave mistakes, but i guess at least hindsight is 20/20? after falling on my face when i lived in d.c. (click the “grave mistakes” link, you’ll see.), I moved to atlanta on a whim and started something i’m most proud of, a community where we “failures” can succeed together.

you can Scroll through the shots below to view some of the events I’ve produced. head to my very professional linked-in bio to see my work history. but you know, we should probably work together though. 💁🏾‍♀️ if you’re interested in launching or refreshing your current branding, marketing or event planning routine, or you wanna chat gowrkgrls things, let’s do this! p.s. i’m available for general business lady talk too. clearly, I have a plethora of things to talk about not doing in business. 😐 - xo