Business Lady Who Advocates for Ladies
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I'm a creative strategist, professional shindig thrower, and content producer with an affinity for branding and digital marketing. I love tech & lifestyle brands, good food & wine, workouts that aren’t cardio, and pretty much anything pink. i’m on earth to help women founders devise paths towards business growth and profitability by developing tailored, d-i-y strategies for their business branding, event planning and marketing.

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About me

i grew up knowing i’d write for a fashion magazine, so back in the 2000’s, i made it rain on a news-editorial degree. as it turns out, traditional magazines and newspapers did not plan on hiring me, so i took up freelance writing and got a part time gig as a marketer/designer/shop girl at a nearby home and clothing boutique. for the last 11 years, I’ve been a freelancing digital media queen hellbent on realizing my “be your own boss” dream.

the majority of my adult life’s been spent working from coffee shops in different cities writing articles, building websites, designing collateral and social media-ing. I started an online magazine at 26 and fucked that up, but It prompted me to start the company formerly known as ladypreneur league. my knack for public relations and planning events showed up during the 2-year stint I lived the #agencylife at Zulu Creative and worked with corporate accounts like Asia Society Texas center and aiA Houston. one day I got the bright idea to treat my own business like those corporate accounts and started pitching the press for the league and hosting small gatherings. eventually the community I’d built positioned me to work at Wework for a few years planning events for the members in its first atlanta building.

today I work from home sipping matcha tea and focusing on helping my fellow Diy biz ladies approach their own business branding and marketing strategies like seasoned account execs at a creative agency. ✨🥂

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