You’ve found me! Let me explain…

I’m Porsha Thomas – ambassador of buzz, connector of the dots and lover of startups. I’m a Texan in Georgia (Atlanta, respectively), a reformed-party girl (because now it’s called “networking”) and I’m passionate about helping women do big things.

That’s where Ladypreneur League comes in. I consider it the love-child of all my buzz-creating, dot-connecting, female founder-admiring, and party-girlisms mixed with a desire to find my tribe.

A few random things: Ten-year-old me would be proud that I still love the smell of book pages, reading magazines back-to-front and adore the color pink (because now it’s called “salmon”). I gave the Mayborn School of Journalism some bucks and hard time and got a News-Editorial BA. I’d live inside a mash-up of Domino and Bon Appetit magazines. I got over my fear of seeing and hearing myself this year. I teach things.

Now, what say you? Tell me something good!


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